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Full Gas Sprint Enduro Round 2: A Preview with Brandon Whitehair

The Full Gas Sprint Enduro Round 2 gets underway March 19th in Gaston, South Carolina. In anticipation of this exciting event, we caught up with Sunstar’s very own Brandon Whitehair to get his thoughts on the race and the sport he’s loved since he was a kid.

Whitehair, who has been sponsored by Sunstar for five years, grew up on a race track. “My uncle took me to a race one time when I was a little and I wanted to go back every weekend,” Whitehair says, “So I developed a passion for the sport at a very early age.”

Whitehair started riding when he was eight years old and has really never looked back. He began competing on quads at 18 and eventually transitioned to the bike, where he has enjoyed continued success as an amateur.

A sales representative during the week, Whitehair looks forward to race day. “For me it’s a chance to get out there and forget everything else. You’re free out there, and that’s a pretty amazing feeling.”

Whitehair says he particularly enjoys talking with the other competitors – an opportunity Full Gas Enduro Round 2 gives him. “I love meeting new people. I love talking to the other competitors. This sport is filled with so many great individuals.”

Speaking of race day: Full Gas Enduro Round 2 offers riders some unique challenges compared to round one. “The big, long runs with sand turns and wood trails are going to going to keep riders honest,” notes Whitehair. “The weather looks great with a little moisture on the ground, so we should see some competitive times.”

His strategy for success? “Put a fast lap down and have some fun.”

Given the challenging terrain, Whitehair had decided to make a few key adjustments to his bike. “I’m going with the Sunstar XTG fully sealed chain. Sand can mess up the chain lube fast. The Sunstar XTG chain has really performed well for me in conditions like this. The protection I’ve gotten has been phenomenal.” 

He’s also going with the Sunstar aluminum rear sprocket. “This sprocket gives me the durability I want for a race like this, but it’s also super lightweight – which is important in any competition.”

For Whitehair, Sunstar products have been a part of his success from the very beginning. “Back when I got started riding quads, I always used Sunstar – everyone did. They’re reliable products and they’re affordable too.”

While Whitehair counts on Sunstar to get him to the finish line, he credits another great component to his success – his wife Lauren. “I’m not sure many wives would put up with what I’m doing, but she supports me every step of the way.”

Want to hear more from Brandon Whitehair? Tune into his popular podcast, “Splitline Offroad,” with new episodes every Wednesday on YouTube and Facebook.

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