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Justin Starling Previews Pro Motocross Outdoor

Pro Motocross Outdoor

As the Pro Motocross Series gets underway in Pala, California this month, Sunstar’s very own Justin Starling will be taking on the unfamiliar role of “spectator.” Due to some nagging ankle and wrist injuries for which he recently underwent surgery, Justin is on the proverbial DL until late July. After that, he says he’ll be rarin’ to go and will be heading to Luxemburg to participate in SuperCross.

But while he may not be participating, the 42-time amateur champion and recent top 10 finisher in the 450 class will be paying close attention to a race he calls, “an all-out suffer-fest.”

“What makes Motocross outdoor so much fun is the non-stop intensity,” Justin says, “It’s hot. It’s hectic. It’s grueling. But that’s why it’s so rewarding. From the moment the gate drops, it’s full go.” 

The physical demands of the race are incredibly intense – not only on the racers but also on the bikes and critical components like chains and brakes. “It’s super taxing. And recovery is tough. It’s a lot of ice baths and saunas afterwards,” Justin recalls. It’s also why many riders, like Justin, trust Sunstar Chains, Sprockets, and Braking.

Looking at the series ahead, Justin sees the competition really heating up. “I see plenty of good battles. I think a lot of riders are really going to go for it this season. You’ve got to look at Ryan Dungey coming back and you also have Antonio Cairoli coming over to race and Eli Tomac on the new bike. I feel like the level this year is going to be higher than it’s ever been before.”

What’s Justin’s advice for riders on race day?  “As soon as that gate drops, sprint for as long as you can.”

While Justin Starling won’t be at the gate this time around, he says you can expect big things from him in 2023. “We’re coming back stronger than ever. We’re going to make it happen.”



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