A conversation with Max Lindquist.


With The WORCS ATV/MC Series concluding and the vibe of the Huevos Pro Invitational still fresh, we thought it would be a great time to talk someone who was right there in the trenches -- Sunstar’s own Max Lindquist.  

Max, who got his start in racing at the age of four, progressed quickly, going on to win six youth National Championships. In 2020, Max was named the Pro Am Amateur of the Year, and in 2021, he went pro, finishing seven races in the top five, making podium twice. 

We talked with Max about his career, his season, and more specifically about his experience with the  WORCS Series and racing at Huevos.

Sunstar: How would you describe your year overall? 

Max: This past season has had its ups and downs, thanks in part to some mechanical issues. But we had some good moments, for sure. I started off with a second-place finish at Daytona Speedway and took third overall at Briar Cliff Mix mid-season. Lots of good stuff to build on.

Sunstar: Tell us about the WORCS Series, from a rider’s point of view.

Max: WORCS Racing was definitely a departure from the motocross races I’m used to. All the obstacles really made it a challenge. I wasn’t expecting so many K rails and concrete barriers. Between line choices and bumps the track, it was definitely more challenging as the race progressed.  The atmosphere was fun and easy-going, and it was definitely a highlight for me to attend.

Sunstar:  And what were your first impressions of Huevos?

Max: Huevos was a totally different atmosphere – from the racetrack to the fans and the competition. The track was pretty simple for 90 percent of it. But the section that threw everyone off was the endurocross. The cool part about it was that it was super technical, even for the best racers. The short races and head-to-head match-ups made for super competitive and fast racing. My favorite part was the competition. It was such a highlight to go against with all these great riders from different eras and disciplines. 

Sunstar: Any particular challenges or surprises?

Max: My strategy was to get out front right away, as it was such a short race. That mean there wasn’t a whole lot of time to pass . But for me, the biggest challenge was just trying to get over the tires, as that was something I had never done before in my career. 

Sunstar: What’s next?

Max: I am currently in prep mode for the 2023 ATV MX season. I have two race machines to build for next season. From there, I’m headed south to start training for the upcoming season. 

Sunstar: Talk about your relationship with Sunstar. 

Max: I  started running Sunstar sprockets as I was coming up through the ranks. Then, as I was approaching my rookie year as a professional, Sunstar stepped  up to support me. The big reason for me to run Sunstar was not only their products, but their service. If I ever need something from Sunstar for an upcoming race, they’re always there to make sure I get it. 

Sunstar: What Sunstar products do you use and why?

Max: I run the 520MXR1 Gold chain as well as their 520 steel sprockets. I  run these products because they put the power to the ground and do it flawlessly. That’s helped me pull pro hole shot, and finish races on the pro podium and top fives week in and out. I have never had an issue with either of these products. To this day I have yet to break a Sunstar chain, even a worn-out practice chain. 

Sunstar: Any tips for young riders out there?

Max: Keep it simple and fun. Take your time to adjust to new things, but always push yourself to be better and learn. Also, prepare yourself physically and mentally before a race, and do the same with your machine. The best way to do that would be running Sunstar products! That are tested, trusted and approved by many top pros. 

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