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OEM? OMG! Restore your bike’s drivetrain to “as new” factory performance specs with sprockets and chains from the world’s largest OEM manufacturer.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts don’t always get the respect they deserve. And that’s a shame. After all, there’s a ton of research, engineering, and specialized expertise that goes into the design and manufacture of every new motorcycle and ATV component. There has to be in order to achieve the balance of performance and durability riders want and need.

Every factory puts tremendous resources into the development of each and every new product they make. Teams of experts determine exactly what each bike needs to have in order to exceed the expectations of buyers and continue to put a smile on owners’ faces for years after purchase.

Who you gonna call? To accomplish desired performance specs, the factory folks often turn to other product experts that specialize in particular parts of the performance puzzle. For high-performance drivetrain components, that’s Sunstar. More manufacturers around the world turn to Sunstar as their go-to partner for sprockets and chains than any other supplier. Why? Because Sunstar has invested countless years and resources in the development of one thing and one thing only: top-performing drivetrain components. It’s all Sunstar does.

The race for improvement. What a lot of riders don’t realize is that the drivetrain components on their stock motorcycles have a lineage of racing. Sunstar, for instance, is heavily involved in professional and amateur racing, using the dirt and paved tracks as an extension of their research lab and as their proving ground. Then, they take what they learn from the intense punishment heaped upon their components on the track, and they work that into the bits that go on the new bikes you see on your dealer’s showroom floor.

Why OEM? Many aftermarket replacement parts are designed to improve performance over stock components, but the problem is that they often do so at the expense of something else. You know, little things like durability and reliability—or compromises in how enjoyable the bike is to ride for long periods of time or when there’s a mix of riding environments.

One of the best ways for riders to make real, seat-of-the-pants performance improvements to their well-used bike is to replace their worn drivetrain components with new OEM-spec parts. Those parts were designed specifically for that machine to provide the best combination of performance attributes for all but the most extreme riding environments, while also being tough enough to last.

Find the parts engineered for your bike. When it’s time to replace worn sprockets and chain, be sure to check out the full range of OEM-spec and specialty sprockets, chains, and lubricants available for your bike on the SUNSTAR website at sunstar-braking.com. Need help selecting the right parts? Just ask!

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