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SUNSTAR® and BRAKING® Unveil New Combined Website

Gives Customers Direct Access to the Same Products that Top OEM Engineers Specify

SPRINGBORO, Ohio (DECEMBER 6, 2017) — SUNSTAR and BRAKING, recognized as the industry leaders in OEM and aftermarket sprockets, brake discs and more, announces the launch of a new website created for motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle owners to easily fit their machines with the highest grade, OEM/factory specified products.

The new website——offers riders of all makes and models the ability to find the highest quality, guaranteed fitment of SUNSTAR sprockets, chains and lubricants, and BRAKING discs, pads and master cylinders. The new site also provides an easy-to-use dealer locator with dealerships who stock or can order all SUNSTAR and BRAKING products of choice.

“We are happy to meet this demand to help riders spec the ideal high-performance OEM products for their machines. Over the last year, we’ve focused on developing the SUNSTAR-BRAKING website to provide consumers fast and accurate access to the same high-quality products that the top factory engineers spec more than any other brand. We also built in a dealer locator so that customers can easily find the products they want from the site and connect to a dealer to get them in their hands easily and quickly. And, our same easy-to-use online store still exists for those who prefer this convenience. Our goal is to make SUNSTAR and BRAKING products easier for our customer base to find, research and source,” states Mike Ivers, SUNSTAR sales and marketing manager.

SUNSTAR is the #1 OEM producer of sprockets and brake discs in the world. More factory engineers specify SUNSTAR sprockets and brake discs than any other brand and have done so for over 55 years.

BRAKING is the revolutionary global leader in innovative brake design. Today’s most advanced aftermarket brake disc designs are a direct result of BRAKING’s top engineers. BRAKING brake discs and pads offer perfect, guaranteed fitment for the world’s most respected motorcycle brands. BRAKING has won over 112 World Championships throughout all racing segments since its inception in 1990.

About SUNSTAR® #1 in Sprockets & Brake DiscsTM
SUNSTAR is the largest, most trusted OEM supplier of motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle sprockets in the world. In fact, your bike probably came from the factory with SUNSTAR. Trusted by more brands than any other, SUNSTAR’s extensive line of sprockets, chains and engineered motorcycle products delivers superior performance for all riding and racing applications. For more than 55 years, OEMs, riders and races teams have trusted SUNSTAR quality, strength, precision and durability off-road, on-road and on the track. This is why SUNSTAR sprockets come installed on more makes and models than any other.

About BRAKING® Revolutionaries in BrakingTM
BRAKING, the global brake-systems manufacturer and brand that changed the motorcycle industry through the invention of its revolutionary non-round brake disc designs, sets the benchmark of innovation and performance other brands follow. BRAKING’s Batfly®, S3® and SK2® brake disc designs deliver unrivaled braking performance,


control and stopping power—in all conditions. Top off-road and on-road racing champions and teams demand superior performance, modulation, heat dissipation and braking power—and BRAKING delivers.

Media Contact:

Mike Ivers
SUNSTAR Sales and Marketing Manager Phone: 937-704-1462

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