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Riders who consistently earn a spot on the podium; are they a unique breed? Are they made differently than everyone else with a special “checkered flag” gene? Or are they mere mortals who have just found how to gain an edge over every other racer?

At SUNSTAR® and BRAKING® we spend a lot of time with racers. In fact, our BRAKING brand has been part of 113 World Titles to date … and counting! We know a thing or two about finishing first. So here are a few things we’ve learned about what it takes to be a winner on the track.


Four factors that make riders competitive:

1. They Live It!

Winning riders have a true passion for racing and an unrelenting commitment to the craft of riding. They eat, sleep and breathe racing, devoting much of their time to deliberate practice behind the handlebars as well as committing time each day to physical training and building mental fitness.

2. They Have a Vision.

The top riders envision themselves on the podium. They have a dream and, just as important, they have a plan to get them there. Never satisfied with past performance, they have a burning drive to continue to build, adapt and improve. Winning riders sweat the details, challenge convention and out work their competition.

3. They Know More.

It’s been said that knowledge is power. That’s certainly true on the track. The fastest riders understand the art and science of racing. They do their homework about technique. They take time to know their machines inside and out, learn every inch of every track they ride, and they study their competition carefully, knowing that even the smallest advantage can move them closer to the front.

4. They Have Better Equipment.

Even the most talented riders will tell you they need top performing machines beneath them. So, it’s no wonder why they choose and prepare their equipment carefully; especially critical systems like drive train and braking. Racers must be able to trust these vital components to perform without fail as the riders push themselves and their machines to the extreme edge (and beyond).

The same principles that separate the great riders from the rest of the pack are what differentiate great motorcycle componentsfrom average ones. That’s why SUNSTAR® and BRAKING® brands have always had a strong commitment to racing and hands-on involvement with motorcycle race teams: from moto and off-road to road racing, ATV, FMX and more.

In the coming months, in addition to our regular tips and tricks blogs, we’ll be bringing you the exclusive perspective of some of the racers, mechanics and teams that rely on BRAKING and SUNSTAR performance products in competition week in and week out. They’ll give you an inside peek into what makes a winning performance.

Until then, be sure to check out the 2018 racers and teams who will be hitting the track outfitted with SUNSTAR and BRAKING products this racing season. You’ll find them here.

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