Dynamic Duo

How your bike’s sprockets and chain work together to deliver super power.

To achieve maximum performance, most riders tend to turn immediately to the power plant and begin to mastermind what wicked engine mods they will make. Sure, those mods can add serious horsepower, but will those changes really make the desired difference at the rear wheel? Can an investment of hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars in engine upgrades pay out? Will the good rider come out ahead? Will the power of goodness triumph in the end?


Stay tuned.

Or rather, get tuned. The sprockets and chain that comprise the final drive system on your bike are what deliver the super power from the engine to the rear wheel. And the real beauty is, it’s a highly tunable system that can help you maximize all of that engine performance or manage it so that your bike is more than just a wild beast. It really is a dynamic system that gives you the ability to perform with the civility of Clark Kent or transform to the mega power of Superman with a mere swap of sprockets and chain. As a bonus, you don’t have to find a phone booth to make it happen.

Kryptonite? What Kryptonite?

When it comes to performance, one of the enemies of power delivery is what’s known as parasitic loss. In other words, the evil power-sucking opportunities for power to be wasted due to all the pumping, dragging, inertia and friction throughout the entire driveline. Plus, chain drive components are lightweight, requiring less energy to move them. When it comes to the final drive designs, the chain and sprockets system wins the day as the most efficient system available, minimizing parasitic loss and delivering more power directly to the rear wheel. Is it any wonder that nearly all sportbikes have chain-drive systems?

A good sidekick.

Even a superhero knows how important it is to have someone or something that makes managing your super power easier. The chain and sprocket setup is your bike’s ideal partner. Like a good sidekick, chain drives are reliable, strong, simple and easy to work with (compared to shaft or belt drive systems). Chains and sprockets are also economical and give the rider a tremendous range of options. It’s not unreasonable to keep a couple spare sets of sprockets and chains on hand for quick gearing changes. That’s all especially appealing for the rider who likes to make regular performance adjustments.

Empower your own dynamic duo.

Whether you’ve got a super bike or a mild-mannered cruiser, it’s hard to beat the dynamic duo of a chain and sprocket final drive system. Nothing else delivers the strength, light weight and simplicity plus complete flexibility to tune power delivery to your needs. Explore the sprocket and chain options that can optimize the power delivery of your bike based on your personal riding style and needs at You’ll find the OEM configuration listed as well as the available options to enhance performance.

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