More than just metal hoops mounted to the wheel, those brake discs on your bike are packing a lot of secret performance. Here’s a quick lesson in advanced brake disc design.

If you can’t stand the heat …

Brakes rely on friction to do their job. But, in addition to creating impressive stopping power, that friction also generates boat loads of extreme heat that can quickly damage brake components and lead to brake fade and even brake failure. So how do racers push their bikes to the limit and still have strong braking power throughout a race? They select components that are designed to dissipate that heat efficiently, manage the expansion and contraction of steel braking components, and maximize the performance of brake pads.


The shape of performance.

Modern non-round brake disc designs, invented by Braking® engineers, allow brake discs to expand outwardly (radial expansion) as heat reaches extremes that would crack conventional brake discs. Pretty cool, huh? And specially engineered grooves, uniquely shaped and placed around the disc help to let that heat escape rapidly while also making the disc lighter (lower un-sprung weight is a good thing).

The dirt on disc brake performance.

Heat isn’t the only enemy of braking. Dirt, water and other contaminants have an immediate adverse effect on braking performance. With a traditional plain-face disc brake, those contaminants come between the brake pad and the friction disc and limit the ability for the pads to grasp the disc and get that bike slowed down. Dirt also acts as an abrasive, contributing to rapid brake system component wear. Sure, the pads ultimately scrub much of the debris away, but not fast enough or thoroughly enough to deliver top braking performance when you need it. The answer? Get the grime away in less time! Progressive brake disc designs incorporate large, lateral channels on the disc in an alternate groove pattern, allowing dirt and water to quickly be swept away from the disc’s friction surface. Braking remains consistent and predictable, even in foul weather or extreme riding conditions.

Discover advanced braking for your machine.

Modern brake disc design, such as the advanced engineering introduced by Braking®, has revolutionized motorcycle brake systems, dramatically improving braking performance, even in extreme competition conditions. Explore the full range of race championship-proven brake discs at sunstar-braking.com.

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