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Unlike Any Race We Do All Year

Brycen Neal Previews GNCC Snowshoe Mountain 

Brycen Neal knew pretty early on that we wanted to spend his life on the racecourse . He started racing at age five, and at nine decided to follow in his father’s tracks and race quads.

“The thing that appeals to me the most about the sport is the feeling  you get when you’re on the bike,” Brycen explains, “You’re hitting your marks, you’re in your flow and you can do just about anything at what seems like such an effortless level.”

Make no mistake, Brycen has certainly put a lot of effort into racing, and is accomplishments prove it:

  • 2011 GNCC Schoolboy Champion
  • 2012 GNCC College A Champion
  • 2013 GNCC XC2 Pro Am Champion
  • 2017 12hour Pont De Vaux race in France 3rd place overall
  • 15 GNCC Overall wins in XC1 Pro Class

This year, Brycen’s dominance continues. He’s won six of the eight races he’s participated in and currently has an impressive 41-point lead. 

To say he’s fired up to race at Snowshoe in West Virginia would be an understatement. “This is the Super Bowl of the GNCC, and it’s unlike any other race we do all year. There are rocks as big as your quad and a spider web of tree roots two to three feet off the ground. Plus, with all that water running off the mountains, there’s always plenty of mud. It’s going to be awesome.”

Even with the challenging terrain, Brycen knows he can count on his Sunstar chains and sprockets. “The thing I like about Sunstar is that their products are so incredibly strong and durable. I run the 100L 520XTG chain and their sprockets and I get great wear life and longevity out of them.”

Brycen says his prep for this race – despite the daunting conditions -- isn’t much different than any other competition. “I do all my own mechanic work, so I really give it my all week-in and week-out. It’s the last race before summer break so I’ll Loctite a few extra things that I usually don’t in a normal race prep, just so I know that the machine can handle a little more abuse.”

With his large points lead, Brycen’s goal this weekend is simply to finish on the podium. “Deep down, I want to win this race because I’ve never won here before in the pro class. But the mountain has claimed many people, so if I can finish and maintain my points lead, I’d be happy going into the summer break.”

Looking beyond Snowshoe, Brycen has his eye on the ultimate prize: the championship. “My energy level is high. My confidence is high. But the competition is stacked at GNCC. So I’m not taking anything for granted. There’s plenty of work to do.”


3B6 520 Powerdrive Countershaft Sprocket

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Why? Because it can handle the brutal elements that tracks like Snowshoe present. This durable and reliable product is constructed using the strongest chromoly steel. And its parkerized surface treatment fends off rust and corrosion, giving you an added level of durability and confidence.


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