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BY4130E Front 280 Batfly EPTA

BY4130E Front 280 Batfly EPTA

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・Same BATFLY geometry with directional “non round profile”. The carrier is made of ALUMINUM AL7075-T6. This allows to optimized shape, reduced weight, higher rigidity, with introduction of a new style.
・Improved rotor to hub load transfer: The classic hub-rotor coupling system, the pins, are substituted with new connecting components, clips and nails, avoiding deformation and floating variability during product life.
・The new rotor-hub coupling geometry, that allows the rotor stems to slide in radial direction, improves the response to stresses and deformations at high temperature. More homogeneous disk temperature without increasing the weight.
・ The feeling of the rider is improved and more direct. The new rotor-hub coupling system is more direct and the two components are in constant and direct contact. This means that the rider feels a powerful and effective brake from the beginning to the end of the braking event.
・Main MXGP riders declare an improved feeling and power of the brake system using the new EPTA discs.
・New design and shape of the Hubs dedicated to all different application already available in our catalog for Batfly application.

**Requires 280mm Front Caliper Bracket**

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